NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Flight Electronics Integration Facility (FEIF) at the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory located in Pasadena, California is a state-of-the art, vertically integrated laboratory dedicated to the fabrication and assembly of flight and ground based electronic hardware.
The original conceptual building form was reimagined to address energy efficiency. In altering the volume from rectangle to square and increasing height by a single story, the surface area of building envelope was reduced; lessening the amount of total envelope that needed to mitigate temperature differential between conditioned spaces and the outdoor environment.

A second move pivoted the concept away from a curtain wall solution to be redesigned as an exterior shaded assembly that extended into a ten-foot parapet to visually shield the rooftop mechanical systems in an elegant manner.
At the center of JPL’s 2010-2032 Master Plan, the FEIF is the first step in implementation of NASA’s ambitious plans to modernize their aging buildings. FEIF will serve as NASA’s crown jewel of modernization, transparency, collaboration and innovation in interdisciplinary sciences for visitors and employees alike in addition to customers and potential new prospective staff members.
Located on 45-foot hillside site with front and rear pedestrian and vehicular access, this new facility will provide a consolidated location of eight existing buildings to facilitate collaboration, high-efficiency, integration and mitigate risk to flight hardware that supports NASA mission critical operations including Mars 2020, Lunar Flashlight, Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT), and Europa missions.
The 5-story, 85,000 gsf building features a high performing energy-efficient exterior wall system, solar panels, use of FSC-certified wood materials, access to outdoor spaces, natural light and drought tolerant landscaping.
The project will offer highly flexible, easily sub-divisible clean room laboratories, including a sky lit atrium, offices, common areas for collaboration, an outdoor terrace and multiple convenience stairs for easy access.

Project Details
Architect: Gensler
Completion: 2022
Size: 72,000 sf
Location: Los Angeles, CA
EUI: 39.6 kBtu/sf/yr

LEED-Gold Pending

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